Next to distributing our private label products, we offer help with your purchase and shipment of building materials for your projects. We tailor make the offer to your needs.



If you are building, renovating, repairing or working as a professional, visit our webshop. You will find building materials, gypsum boards and accessories, adhesives, heat insulation elements at affordable prices.


From experts to experts

We distribute the French Vicat Prompt Cement, which has unique properties that make it stand out:

  • A durable material also known as Roman cement.
  • Made of natural materials, environment friendly.
  • Rapid setting time.
  • Suitable for making decor elements and molds.
  • Watertight, resistant to aggressive water penetration.



  • Rapid-setting properties
  • Only water is needed to preparation
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Also available in small packs

Procurement in one place

20 years of relationship

Thanks to our relationship with our partners, purchasing via our company might get you favourable prices compared to visiting them individually.

One Stop Shop

No need to go around all the (building material) trading companies, shops or go to the countryside. You just specify what you need, we procure and arrange the delivery for you. You only have to have contact with us.

Expert guidance

You save time and money when buying through us. If you are uncertain which product is right for you, we are happy to guide you choosing the right materials


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