B.Téker Ltd.

We hold 35 years of professional experience.

We deal with construction projects and investments, as well as producing, packaging and distribution of building materials.

Several condominiums werebuiltas part of our own investments.

As a general contractor we completed several residential buildings, factories and halls, as well as renovated monuments and historic buildings.

Our characteristics are orderliness, modernity, dynamism, new technological solutions, introduction and utilization of new materials.

Our services


Building design, preparation of structural plans


Construction, workmanship consultation

Cost analysis

Budget preparation and analysis


Iron bending works, manufacture of private label products

From design tokey

As a building construction company, we carry out projects from design to turnkey. Be it construction of a family house, condominium or industrial hall. Leave it to us, we will take care of everything. Keep a construction log, consult with designers, tender writers, deal with materials, deliveries, landscaping, permits.

Private label products

In 2018 our company started to produce private label products under the brand name of Beerstone. Our products are based on “Roman cement”. They are available in different sizes, which you can read more about by clicking the button below…


There are many building material in our webshop. If you just want to buy products to a construction project and do the execution by yourself, we will look for the best price and arrange the delivery for you. No need to go through shops, you can save time and money by ordering from us.


Our new site is located in the industrial park of Kalocsa, 300 meters far from the airport and 1 km far from the Danube. Railway connection is also available.  We can help those companies who want to store their products and park their machinery at an ideal location to the Paks Nuclear Power Plant. You can use our logistics service at our 7,7 ha site.

Our staff?

Beer Attila

Chief Executive Officer

Beer Balázs

Chief Technical Officer

Beer Attiláné

Chief Financial Officer

Lakatos István

Commercial Manager

Others say about us

"One of the most reliable builders in the area of Kalocsa, they are flexible to solve all tasks, keeping the customer's needs and economic? possibilities in the highest regard…. Paying maximum attention to the customer’s needs and financial possibilities? In case of warranty works, they are executed without any questions."
Anton Weij
"They are precise and fast. We have a good cooperation. They keep in touch with the application writers, they meet every need. They clean up after themselves every day. We could discuss any problems. That's why their company worked on several projects of ours."
Schiszler Péter
Uno-Drink LTD
"The technical solutions, the materials used and the execution matched the high standard of a family house. It was built with modern heat, and sound insulation and vibration damping. During the future development of Júlia Malom Ltd., B. TÉKER Ltd. will be invited to bid for construction work.”
Csontos Attila
Júlia Malom LTD

We say about ourselves

  • Unified image and appearance
  • Organization, efficient work
  • Organized work, cleanliness
  • Use of new technologies and products
  • Development, modernization


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info@teker. hu

+36 30 3 78 79 77

6300 Kalocsa, Ciglédi út 4.


Address: Hungary, 6300 Kalocsa, Erdei F. u. 54/b.
Taxnumber: HU12858271
Phone: +36 30 3 78 79 77