Introducing our new site

An investment on 7 hectares with a mortar and concrete element factory, a logistic center and a DIY store.

Paks investment

The nuclear power plant investment and the construction of the Paks bridge are within a few kilometers of our area. Store your machines at our site.


The Danube port is approx. 3 km far away. You can also use water transport. Store your goods at our site.

Airport nearby

The site is located approx. 300 meters from Kalocsa Airport. Bring your guests by plane.

Direct train track

Our site has its own industrial track. So we can provideyou with cheap shipping.

What opportunities do we offer?

DIY store

We are planning to build a three thousand square meter DIY store. For this we are looking for a trading company or chain that wants to open a new business in the region, utilizing the proximity of Paks.

Warehouse center

We are looking for strategic investors to build a 6,000 sqm warehouse with 8 truck ramps. We are searching for companies who would like to take advantage of the area and see the potenitial of supplying their products from here.


To the construction of the Paks Bridge, we offer our guarded site for parking your machines, equipments and trucks. Know your millions value devices in safe.

Hall rentals

Looking for a hall to rent for your business? Thousands of square meters of hall will be built in the area. Get in time and book it. Take advantage of the diverse capabilities of the area

Introducing the Industrial Park 0575 in Kalocsa

Plans for the site are provided by F.A.L. by architect studio.

Visualization of Park 0575

The Park 0575 shown in the pictures will be built on 7 hectare. The area will have two 3,000 square meter halls and a 6,000 meter warehouse with truck access. At the end of the site, there will be a DIY store, also accessible from Highway 512.

Based on the plans below, we are looking for investors for the Park 0575, who are looking to rent a hall, warehouse or department store. We build it according to plans, you move in. Needs can be considered, please sign up in time.

Our site is under construction in pictures

We purchased our new site in 2019, which we are constantly developing and building. Contact us now if you or your company may be interested in renting a hall or warehouse in the middle of the country. Don’t miss out on being part of the formation of a modern logistic center.

Our investment will be completed in several stages. Expected completion: 2024.

DIY store

Visualization of DIY store

Every major city has a successful DIY store. Where in one place you can buy everything you need for a renovation, construction, garden or home decoration. Our goal is to build a 3000 square meter DIY store serving the two cities and their agglomerations by the establishment of the Paks-Kalocsa Bridge. The area is ideally situated on the edge of Kalocsa, near the under construction being bridge.

We are looking for applications from commercial companies that see business potential in a booming region.

Visualization of logistic base

A 6,000 square meter covered logistic warehouse is being built in Kalocsa, in the middle of the country. Ideally location for a distribution center. It is close to the M6 ​​motorway, transport by train and lorry is possoble, furthermore southern neighboring countries can be easily served from this warehouse as well.

We are looking for companies that need a warehouse in the middle of the country with good infrastructure.

Visualization of mortar factory

Beerstone mortars have gained popularity with their unique waterproofing and durability properties. Those who want to build with quality materials, choose the products of the Hungarian Beerstone. The mortar factory is moving into one of our under construction being halls, by this creating the opportunity to enter the international market.

Visualization of concrete element factory

The Beerstone brand has entered the construction industry through its mortars. The development of the company is well illustrated by the fact that, in addition to the new production hall, a concrete element factory is being built on the site. Our main goal is to produce concrete elements that are becoming increasingly popular in hall construction. Our company chose this area because both the finished items to the construction site and the raw materials to our site can be transported even by train.

Visualization of the office building and recreational area

At the entrance to the Park 0575, a modern office building awaits the visitors. Although the area is typically industrial and logistical in nature, we considered it as important by the planning as well to provide with proper greenery and park. For many  people  this is a work place where we want them to feel good. We also build a rest area and a restroom for truck drivers.

Get in touch with us

If you are interested in the business opportunity of our site, would like to be a renter or an investor, please contact us. Time is running out, don’t miss it!


Address: Hungary, 6300 Kalocsa, Erdei F. u. 54/b.
Taxnumber: HU12858271
Phone: +36 30 3 78 79 77