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 Our company provides various services in the field of construction work. Be it design, construction, and activities closely related to the building industry. If you are interested, contact us.

Are you interested in our services?


We undertake the design of complete production halls, office buildings, family houses.

Cost analysis

We prepare a pay-off budget to investments.


Construction consultancy, surveying


Construction of production halls, office buildings, family houses

Machine excavation

Landscaping, digging with a backhoe

Crane works

Crane delivery, moving and lifting of structures

Other services:


Iron bending

We undertake bending of 6-12 mm iron to various shapes, to constructions.

Bending of rebars quick, in large quantities.


Expert in waterproofing

Your basement, main wall is constantly wet? Can’t find a solution? We are able to help you!

Our company is an expert in waterproofing. Over the past 20 years we completed several projects to stop water intrusion and wetting. In frame of an on-site survey we examine the reasons and outline the possible solutions. We help you with a quick and professional troubleshooting.


In the last 35 years our company has grown from a professional brigade. We started with masonry works, then we dared to dream big and started building blocks of flats. We founded a company and did everything from design to sales.

Then the crisis impelled us to open up to a new segment. This is how we started building halls ten years ago. Since then such constructions give 80% of the work of our company.

We have worked on many projects over the past decades, in many cases we renovated monument buildings. This is how we got in contact with Vicat prompt cement and became an official distributor in Hungary. The fast setting time of Roman cement and its durability are often proven. At many of the renovations in the country was used the cement we distribute. Since we wanted to help with the perfect application, we created our private label product under the brand name of Beerstone, which comes from our family name. We have created several types of products for waterstopping, quick repair, monument protection, decor element castings. You can read more about our products at Beerstone.hu.

Our company is constantly evolving, whereby we have dreamed of a new site where our mortar factory will be relocated, and we will start manufacturing concrete elements. We would like to build a logistic base and a DIY store at our site as well. You can also read more about this on our website.

Our company has always strived for orderliness, modernity, dynamism, new technological solutions, introduction and use of new materials. We believe that these values make us who we are.

What are we doing?

Our company is mainly engaged in construction work as follows:

We undertake the planning, budgeting of sites, halls, office buildings, family houses. Arranging and carrying out the construction work and liaising with the application writer in case of tender construction works. Managing the e-journal, purchasing building materials. We manage everything that occurs during such a construction. You approve the plans, we hand over the keys at the end.

Budget preparation, tender preparation, e-journal management, construction advice. We encourage you to make use of our services.

We undertake crane deliveries, crane works, and mechanical ground works, area preparation. We also deal with bending of reinforcing bars.

We manufacture and distribute our private label mortar products.

We undertake the purchase of building materials for complete investment. Thanks to our good partnership, we can get the products on a lower price than you would achieve. No need to visit any more stores. We collect what you need and deliver it at once.

At our new site we offer a covered warehouse of 6,000 square meters.

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Address: Hungary, 6300 Kalocsa, Erdei F. u. 54/b.
Taxnumber: HU12858271
Phone: +36 30 3 78 79 77